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On Tuesday 24th August we were privileged to welcome back to Swanage and Wareham one of our old players from the early 90's. Rowan Kitt (second from left) renewed his acquaintance with some of his fellow 3/4's from those 'glory' years (so they keep telling us). Since leaving the Club, Rowan has gone on to become an International Referee and more recently TMO at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan where Wayne Barnes, when speaking to the TMO referred to Rowan as 'Kitty' making the commentator laugh! Rowan helped at the training session, initially explaining how the new laws would be interpreted this season, and then refereeing the match training session. One point he made for all players and spectators was that referees are human beings with feelings. If players and spectators treat referees with kindness and respect they will have more chance of the split decisions going their way rather than abusing and criticising every decision they make. something for everyone at all levels to think about.


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